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There are those who feel with the invention of social media the need for an email list has gone away. I would argue that it is more important now than ever. I know I am "friends" with about 1000 people on facebook, however, I only regularly see and hear from about 100 unless I change my timeline photo or do something to manipulate the algorithms.  The same can be said for your business pages. If you are posting on your Facebook page and hoping to catch the eye of everyone you will be disappointed. Not because Facebook and Social Media are not great tools...they are! But, they are a piece of the solution not the entire solution. Your email list is a sure fire way to hit EVERYONE you are in contact with about your business. It is your opportunity to send a personalized holiday message, provide business updates, make sale and event announcements and so much more! 

So how do you build a list if you do not have one? This is one of the questions we answer in our 90 Day Business Builder Class! But for those who have an email list and are not sure how to use it or don't have the time to create the content, IMPR is here to help you get back in front of your customers on a regular basis

I firmly believe that people don't "not do" business with you because they don't like you...ok maybe one or two but we are hoping that's it! Seriously though, your customers are not doing business because they forget. They don't remember you have that cute t-shirt or new comfy leggings. They forget Teacher's Appreciation Week is coming up and you have the best gifts under $10. The don't remember that your margarita on the patio is the BEST in town. They don't do it on purpose but it does happen and it is your job to stay in front of them. That's where IMPR comes in. We help you to create email campaigns to stay in front of your customer. With timely deliveries, fabulous content, tracking links, included resends and more, IMPR creates emails that not only will be opened but will bring in business. 

Reach out today and find out how IMPR can create an email marketing campaign that delivers results for your business.


Email Marketing is not going anywhere. If you have not created an email list to stay in front of your customers it needs to become one of the number one things you do this week. Need help? Contact us today to find out what steps you should be taking.