IMPR Back to School offer for teachers & parents

There is no sugar coating it. The last 3 months have been ROUGH! But, if we have learned anything, it is that no matter what happens, we all need to stick together. Right now there are MANY teachers, daycare workers, administrators and parents who are having to rethink how they earn money. Some need to be at home working with their children, some are trying to add extra income to make up for lost wages…everyone has a story. At IMPR we want to help you have your happy ending.  We are excited to offer a FREE website to any teacher or parent who is facing life changes due to this pandemic. All websites are SEO optimized, 10-20 pages sites, professional and ready to kick start your new journey. Click on the photo below for a tour of one of our mock-up sites to better understand this offer.

What is included in this offer

So what is it going to cost me?

The cost is the BEST part! 

IMPR is offering to build your site for FREE!!!! 

Please note: you will be responsible for hosting fees. This may fluctuate depending on whether you are using e-commerce or not. Typically, regardless of platform you are looking at under $100 for start-up and around $49 for hosting monthly. This will include SSL for the site and 30  minutes worth of changes/assistance monthly.
*Please note this offer is only available for parents of school age children, teachers, daycare workers and those working for school districts or private schools. Offer is good for new, start-ups, and does not include custom database coding.