SEO Managment From IMPR

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization…in basic English it is how easily your site is found online. You have heard of “getting to page 1” this is the essence of SEO. The goal is to make your page more visible using organic methods to create traffic.

What are the first steps IMPR will take to measure your SEO rankings?
In order to determine your site’s needs, the first step is to run analytics and determine how your site currently ranks and what can be done to improve your rankings and drive traffic to your website.
IMPR will devise a monthly plan to increase your SEO. Items like backlinks, keywords, deadlinks, Google reviews, social media and how you are using your website will all be taken into count to determine the best plan of action. 
Each month a new report will be pulled, analytics will be reviewed an IMPR will update your keywords and information to ensure the best possible rankings for your site.

Will your prospects be able to find you when they look for you online?

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