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SEO Management


SEO stands for Search Engine basic English it is how easily your site is found online. You have heard of "getting to page 1" this is the essence of SEO. The goal is to make your page more visible using organic methods to create traffic. 

In order to determine your sites needs the first step is to run analytics and find out how your site ranks and create a plan to drive traffic to your business.

What are the first steps? IMPR will go over your site analysis with you and determine what changes can be made immediately to drive results. Simple steps like adding keywords and content to the front page, utilization of your blog site, back links, and registering your business in local search engines are all things we do to increase your visibility.


The next step is to deep dive and really look at your  site data and key words you may no be using. The most important thing to remember is that SEO is not something you "Do" one time. It is an ever evolving step. Each month new analytics should be pulled, key words checked and site reporting completed. SEO is a process that ensure your business is receiving the attention you deserve online.


SEO Management: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a key piece to ensuring your website is being found online. Call today for a FREE SEO report on your site.