IMPR Services

Social Media Management & Coaching for Small Business.


Social Media Management was the basic foundation for IMPR when it was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina. The key idea was to enable small businesses to spread the word about their business and services in the most cost effective way possible.

IMPR will help you with all your social media needs from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest to Linked In to You Tube and more. We have packages that will assist you in as little or as much guidance as you need.

Our most popular package is social media on 2 main platforms: Facebook and Instagram. Beginning in July of 2018 we will also be offering Twitter to the package FREE of charge! 

So what makes IMPR different from every other social media company? To begin with, we create our own content unless otherwise instructed. We are truly a turn-key solution. You can leave it with us and forget it.

As part of our services we will will create your content, spread it in area community groups, tag business as appropriate, monitor check-ins and follower interactions and most importantly, ensure your site receives consistent posting.

Our goal is to allow you to leave the posting to us so you are able to do what you do best - run your business!

Social Media Platforms You WANT to Be On:

Facebook - Let's face it, Facebook is NOT going away, despite what you may have seen on the news. It is a key contact source for like minded people. Facebook ads assist you in 


reaching outside of your local neighborhood. We Know how to help you achieve the high engagement and followers you have been looking for and can assist you to do it on a budget.

Instagram - Instagram announced in June of 2018 that it had crossed 1 Billion users. It also estimates that given the current trajectory, it will cross another billion in the next year.  If you add one additional platform this year THIS should be the one. In the world of Instagram, beautiful photos and clever color schemes rules. We can help you model your instagram feed to your brand and reach the organic traffic you have been looking for quickly. We do NOT use bots or paid likes to achieve our goals and strongly recommend whether you use IMPR or not, you do not use them either.

Additional Platforms:

Linked In - This platform is no longer just for those looking for a job. Linked in is an Excellent source for meeting like minded individuals, expanding your network and increasing your email list.

Pinterest - Believe it or not, in 2017 Pinterest ranked as one of the TOP platforms for closing business. We LOVE pinterest and are excited to show you why!

Twitter - Twitter will alway be a great go to and excellent platform to assist you in building your SEO.

You Tube - Whether you are looking to monetize or just create an informative video channel, you can't go wrong with You Tube. Let us help you understand how you can increase your bottom line with video.

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Social Media Training Weichert Real Estate Agents Undergo a Weekly Social Media Training to Teach Them How to Boost Sales and Increase Their Earnings. Learn more about IMPR Social Media Private Team Coaching and 90 Day Business Booster Social Media Program here.