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Our Offerings:


Social Media Management & Coaching

Social Media Management was the basic foundation for Innovative Marketing and Public Relations when it was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina. The key idea was to enable small businesses to spread the word about their business and services in the most cost effective way possible. <Insert Social Media Marketing here>

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Web Design/Graphics/Flyers/Content

Allow IMPR to partner with your business to create the website or business collateral that best represents your brand to potential new customers. Our process includes going over each step with you to ensure your business vision and long term goals are captured, uncovering color and font choices you love and creating the interactive site you expect.

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Email Marketing 

Creating your business email list is one of the most important steps you can make towards marketing your business.  Find out why and what you can do to keep customers coming back.

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SEO Management

SEO stands for Search Engine basic English it is how easily your site is found using online. You have heard of "getting to page 1" this is the essence of SEO. The goal is to make your page more visible using organic methods to create traffic.

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Creating Change

Solutions You Can Trust

Innovative Marketing and Public Relations is located in Charlotte, North Carolina but maintains clients throughout the United States. Whether you are located in the Carolinas or elsewhere, IMPR is capable of assisting you with Web Design, SEO. Marketing Management or Social Media Training.


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